Russian Peasant Stuides. 2017. Vol. 2. № 1



Nikulin A. M. Chayanovian utopian visions: Looking for the balance under the crises of optima intensification / 6

Sobolev A., Kurakin A., Trotsuk I. Methodological approaches to the study of Russian cooperation and “Theory and practice of cooperation” as an academic discipline / 31


Rodnov M. Large agribusiness of the Ufa Province (the second half of XIX — early XX century) / 51

Kuznetsov I. Alexei Fedorovich Fortunatov and the development of Peasant Studies in Russia in the late XIX — early XX centuries   / 66

The present time

Breslavsky A. “Suburban Revolution”: The regional case (Ulan-Ude) / 90

Sheludkov A., Rasskazov S. Mapping multistructural rural economy: Suburban and peripheral areas of the Tyumen Region / 102

Bozhkov O., Ignatova S. Regional practices of business and the authorities interaction (the Russian North-West case) / 115


Babashkin V. “Three epochs — three sociologies” / 131

Kuznetsov I. Rogatko S. A. History of Russian Food from Ancient Times to 1917: A Historical-Economic Approach to the Agro-Industrial Development of the Russian Empire /140

Trotsuk I. “…The search for a better world must be based on a thorough knowledge of geography” /148

Scientific life

Kurakin А. 20 years of the Law “On Agricultural Cooperation” /166

Nikulina E. XIV International Scientific-Practical Conference “Kargopol and the Russian North in the History and Culture of Russia (X–XXI) ” (August 15–18, 2016) /170

Tolstov S., Usoltseva O. “Put a monument to the village…” /173

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