Russian Peasant Studies. 2022. Vol. 7. № 3


Chayanov A. V. Organization of agricultural production at the local level (Article of A.V. Chayanov in Russian) / 6

Chayanov A. V. Organization of agricultural production at the local level (Article of A.V. Chayanov in English) / 21


Kuznetsov I. A. Russia’s harvest statistics in the first half of the 19th century: The problem of primary data / 35

Fedotova A. A. “Cattle grazing is prohibited after the bison was killed in Białowieża Forest”: Woodland grazing as a traditional form of the peasant forest management in the long 19th century / 55

Andreenkov S. N. Virgin Project of 1954 in Kazakhstan and Siberia: Dynamics of grain production / 89

The present time

Gusakov T. Yu. Agrarian alternative for Yamal: Agriculture and indigenous population / 106

Breslavsky A. S. Urban population of the Jewish Autonomous Region in the historical dynamics of the late 1980s–2010s / 151

Rozanova N. N. Public perception of governors’ reputation in the regional model ‘center–periphery’ / 174

Prusikhin O. E., Zhukovsky E. D., Krutov O. D., Alekseev A. I. Life of Ivan and Hans in the 21st century: Volchikhinsky district of the Altai Region / 190


Serova E. V., Nikulin A. M. “Today, in the rural development, the main goal is to change the paradigm”/ 210


Babashkin V. V. On the essence of good / 237

Kurakin A. A. Today’s America in the perspective of the US Department of Agriculture / 246

Scientific life 

Poleshchuk I. K. Comparative experience of agricultural development: Russia and Brazil in the time of change / 257

Nikulina E. S. AGROSALON International Specialized Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery / 261

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