Russian Peasant Studies. 2023. Vol. 8. № 4

Introduction. Special Issue — Differentiation in contemporary rural societies / 6


Chayanov A. V. A short review of the centers of economic thought in the field of agriculture in Europe and other countries (based on the book exchange and scientific correspondence of the Institute of Agricultural Economics) / 10

Nikulin A. M., Trotsuk I. V. Utopias of Alexander Bogdanov and Alexander Chayanov: The choice of rural-urban development and its consequences for rural human capital and social differentiation / 23

Ershov A. M. International typologies of rural areas / 41


Diaz-Geada A. Class differentiation in contemporary rural Galiza: A first approach / 54

Crovetto M. M. Peasants and agricultural wageworkers in Argentina in the 20th — 21st centuries: Some paradoxes of the dichotomy ‘rural–urban’ / 72

Khorasani Zadeh H. The rise of the peasant land ownership as a driver of social-spatial differentiation in contemporary rural Veneto and French Flanders / 83

The present time

Nefedova T. G. Tatarstan: rural-urban development under the spatial trends of 1990–2020 / 102

Andreeva J. O. “Fairyland”: Kin’s domain as a place of utopia and experiment / 121

Averkieva K. V. Rural gentrification: City dwellers in rural areas of Russia’s Non-Chernozem Region / 137

Korolev C. M. Casus Pyalmiae: A city dweller and his village / 152


Trotsuk I.V. A few words about (un)certainty and its management in the rural part of the contemporary uncertain world / 174

Kurakin A.A. The beginning of economic reforms in rural China / 183

Scientific life 

Merl S. A short note on the 7th International Conference of the European Rural History Organization (EURHO) in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) on September 11–14, 2023 / 188


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