Russian Peasant Studies. 2023. Vol. 8. № 1


Savinova T.A. “Everything conceivable can be an issue of science” / 6

Chayanov A.V. Reports “Popular readings’ method”; “Characteristics and general requirements for visualization” (Reports of A.V. Chayanov) / 11

Korandei F.S. Rural wastelands: Places of belonging and “ghosts” cartography of the rural depopulation landscape / 23


Slezin A.A. The conflict of generations in the spiritual sphere of rural society in the second half of the 1920s  / 45

Sharapov S.V. Regional authorities and collective-farm peasantry during the Great Patriotic War: Mobilization, care, corruption (based on the data from the Novosibirsk Region) / 67

The present time

Smirnova A.A., Smirnov I.P., Tkachenko A.A. Geographical approach to the classification of local rural areas (on the example of the Torzhok district in the Tver Region) / 85

Imangulov L.R., Kuksin Ya.K. New functions of coastal rural areas in southern Russia: On the example of the Temryuk district in the Krasnodar Region / 104


Merl S. “I consistently contribute to the assessment of the Soviet economic model” / 131


Kurakin A.A. Consumer cooperation in the countryside: Reasons for failure / 164

Scientific life 

Sudhir Kumar Suthar, Akanksha, Monika, Bhawana Chaudhary. Globalization and Future of the Rural-Agrarian in 21st Century India: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities / 171

Davletov D.R., Semovskikh U.S. Rural-urban development through the projects for preserving the historical-cultural heritage of India and Russia / 179


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