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Russian Peasant Studies 


Informing the scientific and general public about the progress and results of research in the field of history, methodology and empirical research in the field of peasant studies, rural sociology and social geography.


The publication of original articles, translations and reviews in the field of theory, history, methodology and empirical research in the field of peasant studies, rural sociology and social geography.

Editorial Policy

Articles are accepted for publication in Russian or English on topics relevant to the mission and goals of the journal. The journal does not charge authors for publication and processing fees. Articles that were previously published in other publications, as well as in the form of online preprints, are not accepted for publication. Articles submitted to the editor for publication should not be published elsewhere before. Detailed article requirements are published in the section For the Authors. Details of publication ethics are published in the section Рublishing Ethics.

Review policy

Double blind review process allpies to all articles.


The copyright for articles published in the journal belongs to the authors and the journal. When using materials created by other authors (texts, tables, images) in the articles, the authors and / or copyright owners of these materials should be indicated. The authors retain the right to non-commercial use of published articles for non-commercial (including scientific, educational and educational purposes).

Retracting procedures

In case of violations of publication ethics, the resolution of contentious issues, including the exclusion (retraction) of articles from the journal, the editors adhere to the procedures described in the Declaration Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers (ANRI)   and the Retraction Guidelines of the Publication Ethics Committee (COPE). f the violation of publication ethics is confirmed, the editors have the right to refuse to cooperate with the author for a specified period or indefinitely.


All electronic versions of articles and full issues of the journal are distributed free of charge in PDF format under a non-commercial license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, which means that any user has the right to download and distribute materials in without changing the content (content, text) with mandatory attribution (bibliographic record and hyperlink to the original location of the material on the site).

You alsp may nuy  isues in hard copy in e-store of  Delo Priintworks  or make  subscription to hard copy in  "Pressa Rossii" agency (index Т81017). The editors are entitled to distribute a limited number of paper issues of the journal at their own discretion.

Number of volumes per year

Quarterly (four volumes per year)


Center for Agrarian Studies of  РRussian Presidental Academy for National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). Founded in 2016. Registration ПИ № ФС77-65824 (27.05.2016). ISSN 2500-1809.

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