Chayanov A.V. What will our national economy be like after the war? (Article of A.V. Chayanov) / 6

Rodoman B. Russian cultural landscape: Theoretical and practical implications of the concept / 13


Merl S. Why the Soviet Union under Khrushchev and Brezhnev failed with the complex mechanization of agriculture: Internal aspects (1953–1986) / 26

Il`inykh V.A. Siberian village during collectivization: Microhistory (Plotnikovo village in the Novosibirsk district of the Novosibirsk Region) / 71

Nakhimovsky A.D. Oral history from below. Materials for the oral history of Russian peasants in the 20th century / 91

The present time

Nefedova T.G. Polarization of the social-economic space and prospects of rural areas in the old-developed regions of Central Russia / 126

Discussion of the presentation of T.G. Nefedova “Polarization of the social-economic space and prospects of rural areas in the old-developed regions of Central Russia” /154

Kuznetsova E.V. Life cycles of ecovillages  / 170


Kondrashin V.V. Response to the article by M.Yu. Mukhina “A hundred years of the NEP studies. Is it time to make conclusions?”  / 180

Nikulina E.S. The drama of the wooden architecture in the Onega Region / 185

Scientific life

Averkieva K.V. It’s time to go to the village: Materials of the round table at the forum “Sustainable Development of Rural Areas”/ 189

Gonina N.V. Agrarian development in the historical perspective / 197

Poleshchuk I.K. Contemporary grabbing: Dispersed dispossession and ‘liminal’ lands / 203

In memoriam

Natalia Tormosova / 206

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