Mikhalenko N. V. Utopian idea in the Russian literature of the 1920s–1930s (The Journey of My Brother Alexei to the Land of Peasant Utopia by A. V. Chayanov in the context of the era) / 6

Visser O. Western agricultural investors in Russia and Ukraine: From fascination with soil to disappointment with climate / 21


Posadskiy A. V. The issue of sources in the study of peasant uprisings (the case of the Rudnya settlement, 1918) / 50

Logunova I. V., Urodovskikh V. N. Dynamics of the peasant (private) farms development during the agrarian reform (1991–2001) in the Central Black-Earth Region / 65

The present time

Lebedev P. S., Alekseev A. I. The area of farmland, the population density and their dynamics: A study of relationships (on the example of the Bezhetsk district of the Tver Region) / 87

Imangulov L. R. Typology of settlements in a polyethnic region (on the example of Chuvashia) / 107

Kisliy O. A., Isaeva M. A. The position of labor migrants in agriculture under the pandemic / 125

Chuchkalov A. S., Mishchuk S. N., Grelya N. K. Factors of suburban rural areas turning into a depressed region (on the example of the Birobidzhan district in the Jewish Autonomous Region) / 136

Ershov A. M. European approach to the regulation of mountainous rural areas / 164


Nikulina E. S. Venetsianov’s school as pictorial peasant studies / 185

Babashkin V. V. To farm or to write about it? / 191

Scientific life

Krylatykh E. N., Frolova E. Yu. A house in the village vs. the city: A review of presentations at the XXVI Nikonov Readings / 200

Nikulin A. M. Rural development through culture / 215

Poleshchuk I. K. Russian agriculture today: Ecology, healthcare and digitalization / 218


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