Krasilnikov S. A. Repressive de-peasantization in the USSR as a research question: Approaches and search for new solutions / 6


Agapov M. G. From the “North of Russia” to the “Russian North”: Intellectual appropriation of the northern territories of the European part of Russia in the mid-18th — first half of the 19th centuries / 23

Egorov A. K. Peasant unrest in the North-West of Russia in the summer of 1831 / 39

Kornienko N. V. Fire-resistant construction of the “governorameliorator Platonov” (based on the materials from the State Archive of the Voronezh Region) / 54

The present time

Breslavsky A. S. Suburbs of Ulan-Ude: Practices of citizenship and the “right to the city” / 75

Balabeykina O. A. The phenomenon of new rural settlements on the example of the Republic of Udmurtia / 96

Zakharov K. V., Makarova E. A., Konovalov A. M., Lomskov M. A. The influence of regional social-economic factors on the illegal hunting of fur-bearing animals / 107

Reusova T. V., Strepetova O. A., Balakirev N. A., Novikov M. V., Orlova E. A. Main commercial features of local sable skins / 124


Babashkin V. V. Fatigue from intelligence / 141

Kuznetsov I. A. In search of a “self-determining social reality” / 150

Nikulin A. M., Nikulina E.S. Pavel Zyryanov: community, state, personality in the Russian history/ 156

Scientific life 

Grechukhina V. M. “Human capital in rural development”: A review of the international Russian-Chinese scientific-practical conference / 163


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