The phenomenon of new rural settlements on the example of the Republic of Udmurtia

Balabeykina O. A. The phenomenon of new rural settlements on the example of the Republic of Udmurtia // The Russian Peasant Studies. 2024. V.9. №1. P. 96-106.

DOI: 10.22394/2500-1809-2024-9-1-96-106


The article aims at presenting a list of new rural settlements in the Republic of Udmurtia, which were founded in the first two decades of the 21st century, and at identifying the features of their social-economic functioning and economic significance. The article is based on the results of the author’s official requests about the liquidation and emergence of new settlements, which were made in November 2023 to the authorities and administration of the Republic of Udmurtia; on the collected legal documents of regional importance, cartographic, scientific, and online sources. Thus, the author identifies quantitative and qualitative characteristics of restored villages in the Republic of Udmurtia, emphasizes the high interest in the liquidated rural settlements, presents a list of new villages which appeared on the site of the previously abolished ones, and describes the economic activity of villagers as predominantly agricultural and agrotourism. The available facts of the restoration of previously abolished villages in the Republic of Udmurtia show this restoration as an isolated phenomenon, but it should be evaluated positively in both economic and social terms.


Village, creation of a settlement, Republic of Udmurtia, rural studies, rural area, abolished settlement.

About the author

Olga A. Balabeykina, PhD (Geography), Associate Professor, Department of Regional Economics and Environmental Management, Saint Petersburg State Economic University, Canala Griboedova Nab., 30–32, Letter A, Saint Petersburg, 191023.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The article was submitted on 14.12.2023.


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